30s hat aurora borealis rhinestones
30s hat vintage hat
Late 30's turban inspired,
sculpted black felted wool hat
with veiling band and aurora
borealis rhinestone accent. 21
1/2" around inside, no label, no
flaws. A grand hat for a dramatic

60s hat GWENN PENNINGTON hat straw roses
Gorgeous summer 60s hat in
natural, straw look cello weave with
giant pink silk and velvet roses on
crown. Banded with black velvet
ribbon, wide brim, crown supported
with buckram. By GWENN
PENNINGTON, and a rare size 22!
Mint condition. Click picture for
more images.

SUZY et PAULETTE hat 60s hat poppies
60s hat red poppies
Chic 60s hat of black and white
cello with turned up brim
cradling huge red silk poppies
with black centers. A "SUZY et
PAULETTE Chapeaux" of
Paris & Chicago. No flaws, 20
1/2" around inside crown.

vintage hat 60s hat
vintage hat
Swashbuckling pirate inspired 60s
hat of felted wool in soft tan with
soft coppery colored satin accents
and felted arrow detail with
feather at folded up side. Rakish
glamour! By ADELE CLAIRE
New York. Brim is slightly
misshapen but adds to this hats
charm! No flaws, 21 1/2" around
inside at ribbon band.

Swell super mod tall
black cello straw 60s
bucket hat with patent
leather band top stitched
in white. From the
Milwaukee. Measures
21" around band,
perches on head and is
meant to sit tall. No

30s velvet hat with whimsical
sculptured stand up double
spiral. Black silk velvet cap is
top stitched in a deco look,
swirled concentric double circles
of silk satin over a stiff backing
create dramatic headpiece. By
New York Creations, size 22.
Original veiling damaged and
was removed, no flaws to hat as
seen without. Topper measures
9" across & 6" high, hat 20"
around (requires pin to secure).

flapper hat
20s hat 20s cloche
20s cloche
Summery sweet sheer cello floral
20s cloche accented with black silk
velvet bands. Cloche dips lower on
right side where a small bouquet of
velvet flowers in soft yellow, bright
pink and violet are perched. Edged
around inside with a muslin band,
no labels, no flaws. 22" around

vintage hat miss sally victor
vintage sally victor hat
50s red velvet topper with rose accents and
green veil by "Miss Sally Victor". Hat
perches and will need to be pinned to a an
updo to stay in place. No flaws.

vintage dobson hat
Rare 40s hat in platter style
made by famed fedora maker
"Dobson". Grey felted wool
with velvet band around shallow
crown, coordinating hat pin. No
holes or stains, could stand to be
reblocked, a few dents. Wide
brim, stellar style! Comes with
original Dobson hat box, a plus
for a hat of this size!

vintage hat, modern
Sweet pink rose 60s headband
style hat. No flaws.

60s round ring hat with black velvet
trim, satin cording & bow on top
and white hydrangea florals. One

Superb black clam shaped 50s hat
with swirling bands of velvet
accented with rhinestone baubles.
Clip hat within to secure to head.
One size, no flaws. 16" across.

60s hat mink hat
1960s mahogany mink piece hat set
in crocheted fitted hat. Winter
glamour! No flaws, one size.

50s glamorous sheer black peaked
mesh hat with long marabou fringe
to frame face. By Bernard
Workman, signature and
rhinestone "work man" on label.
Fits 21 1/2 to 22, pins on.

Amazing black taffeta sculptural
origami-esque 60s turban. By
CapAdors, size 22...wear any way
you want! No flaws.

Avant garde bronze taffeta 60s
turban with sculptural quality.
Ruched toward front, full at back
and sides. No label, size 22.

60s hat vintage hat
60s purple cloche style hat in sisal with wide
shocking pink ribbon woven around brim to flat
bow on one side. Size 22, no flaws.

Unusual 40s newsboy style hat in black
wool with cupped back, top and back
accented with bright fuschia 3D velvet
florals. Has elastic strap to secure in
place, one size, minimal wear.

1930s pewter grey woven sisal
cloche with silk satin band and
celluloid deco adornment on front.
Folds up on left side. No holes or
stains. 21 1/2.

60s bright fuschia felted tiered hat
with bow and bead bauble, netting
around lower tier. Sz 22. no flaws.

60s hat of soft white sisal accented
with a huge black vinyl coated
steam with white sisal rose. No
flaws, sz 22.

1940s small round tilt hat with
sequins on top, veiled all around
with chenille dots at edges....felted
wire ring to secure at back of head
topped w/ 2 bows. No flaws, one sz.

1940s sky blue faille sun hat with
wide, sculpted tall brim, cupped
back with 2 buckles to tighten. By
"TwinBuckle", size L (22). No

Black sisal and satin 1930s hat with
deco styling and rhinestone
celluloid accent at side. No flaws,
sz 21 1/2.

60s black veil with velveteen bow
atop and down back seam,
rhinestone scattered around. No
flaws. One size.

Bold pink 60s bucket hat with silk
pink carnations and whisps of
foliage with matching gloves
orginal to owner. Sz 22, no flaws.

Multicolor feathered cocktail hat
from the late 50s to early 60s.
Feathers curl over right side of
face, shorter on other side and rest
of hat. Wire frame, one size, no

60s red sculpted hat with veil and
row upon row of looped red fringe.
Round rhinestones at either side.
No flaws, one size.

30s hat vintage hat
60s hat happy capper hat pink marabou
60s pink marabou straw hat with
wide brim of metallic gold by
Happy Cappers. Pink organza band
and ribbons down the back. Size 22,
no flaws.

60s hat vintage hat
60s hat of stiffened red rayon
swirled to right side and tipped with
fringe curling into face. No flaws,
size 21 1/2.

60s hat orange hat
60s bold orange ribbon weave hat
with bow on the front. Stretchy
design, fits any size. Made in Italy
for Bonwit Teller. No flaws.

50s hat vintage hat
50s hat vintage hat
1950s purple velvet petal topped wire
headband hat with pink velvet dangling
berries. Forms to fit head, one size, no label,
no flaws.

60s hat vintage hat
60s hat vintage hat
40s turban vintage turban
1940s white satin and silver turban
with amber teardrop shaped "gem"
at peaked front. Lined in buckram
for form, no label, no flaws. Size 22.

60s gold and pink metallic
structured turban with bow in back.
No label, no flaws. Size 22.

Feminine black sisal 60s hat
swirled to a single peak at top
center and wrapped with a pink silk
ribbon, dotted with a pink silk rose.
No label, no flaws, size 22.

60s hat hattie carnegie hat vintage hat
1960s Hattie Carnegie hat of
swirled and pleated art print silk
scarf. Top of hat trimmed in stems
wrapped in silk coming up from
pleats of hat. No flaws. Size 22.

70s hat christian dior
70s cobalt blue velvet hat with blue
leather disc appliques, beads and
sequins. Soft side, loose beret
style. By Christian Dior. a bit of a
70s gypsy effect! One size.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 60s hat, beaded hat
1960s white satin soft sided pill box
hat with black beading. Size 22. No

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 30s hat, summer hat
Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 30s hat
1970s 30s style blue canvas summer cap with front brim,
grosgrain ribbon trim, bow and button on top. By 'TexACE..with
No-Swett Headband". Lined. Never worn. Measures 21"
around inside.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 40s hat
1940s black felted hat with clip sides,
arched black coq feathers and a silk
rose in red. No label, no flaws. Rose
not original to hat, added to hide
some flaws no the base of the
feather accent (vintage flower). One

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 40s hat, G Howard Hodge, Paulette
1940s woven sisal curved deep blue
hat with pink rose on side. U shaped
open back, velvet flat bow on back.
Some faint water marks on rose
petals. By Paulette of Paris and G.
Howard Hodge. One size.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 30s hat
1930s mini straw boater hat with
yellow and orange roses, green
ribbon. Elastic strap to secure to  
back of head. No flaws.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 40s hat
1940s soft felted wool platter hat
with fringed edging and large felt
disc tipped hat pins. Asymetrical
shape, wide on right side. No label,
no flaws.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 60s hat, 60s cloche
Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 60s hat
Fantastic black felted wool 1960s
does 1920s asymetrical brim cloche
with vinyl and grosgrain ribbon band.
No flaws. Size 22.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 50s hat
Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 50s hat, mink hat
1950s deep brown round veil with
brown felted disc on top dotted with
mink pom-poms and faux pearls.
Hand made, no flaws. One size pins
to hair.