sunnyland hat vintage hat 40s hat
vintage clamshell hat ilten
40s hat lilyan new york creations
40s hat tilt hat vintage hat
50s hat vintage hat cocktail hat
50s hat vintage hat rhinestone hat
vintage hat 50s hat arnold constable blue hat
60s hat vintage hat velvet hat
60s hat vintage hat white roses original by Dayne
edwardian hat
Tall sculpted black velvet 40s hat,
slips over back  of head (may need
hairpins to hold). Black faille
ribbon around inside, has one
velvet ball on back (missing the
other). By Sunnyland. Size 22.

Late 40s navy blue clamshell style
hat by Ilten with lace edge trimmed
with bows. Clip style inner crown,
one size. 12" wide. No flaws.

Wide, fold up brim 40s round hat
with black grosgrain ribbon around
outside, trimmed in gelatin based
sequins in shapes of moons, stars,
flowers and leaves. Metal ball and
bugle bead dangles. By Lilyan, a
New York Creations pieces. Size
22. A few missing sequins, no holes
or stains.

Sweet shallow crown 40s straw tilt
hat with black velvet trim. One
size. No flaws.

50s black ruched sisal  & ribbon
cocktail gat with open weave
netting. Combs to hold into hair, by
Cedarbrook. No flaws.

Ruched sisal 50s hat in black with
rhinestone accents. Curled at
either side of face. No flaws. One

Dark blue sisal 50s clip style
cocktail hat with ribbon trim and
curved slim feather on right side.
Veiling at front. Some holes in
veiling. By Arnold Constable, size

Tall, wide brim 60s soft side hat
done in bands of velvet over mesh.
Small bow in back. No flaws, size

Royalty worthy 60s bucket hat with
small angled brim adorned with
massive white organza rosettes all
around. No flaws, an "Original by
Dayne". Size 22.

Dramatic wide brim Edwardian
black velvet hat with collapsible
crown and oversize bow at front
trimmed in jet beaded accent. Size
22, no label (no lining, may have
had label in missing lining). A few
places around outside of brim worn
to expose wire support, some
beading missing.....sturdy and
wearable as is! 20" across.

60s soft lime green straw hat
adorned with fine fringed chenille
bands, wide ribbon with tails. Some
marks on ribbon...hat is fine. Sz 22.

60s super mod ivory straw hat with
finely fringed chenille trim, wide
black ribbon band. Made in Italy,
no flaws. Sz 22.

Pewter grey fringed chenille
trimmed 60 mod straw hat. Made in
Italy, no flaws. Sz 22.

Mr Joseph's vintage hat 60s hat
Divine wide brim braided straw hat
with stiffened, oversized green
ribbon and bow accented with
bright pink poppy. By "Mr.
Joseph's of New York". Sz 22,
pristine condition.

vintage hat Christian Dior hat
60s hat with round button top,
upturned brim covered in finely
pleated pink chiffon. By Christian
Dior. Sz 22. A smattering of black
dots on one side of crown, faint but
of note.

Sweet yet dramatic black velvet
topper from the 1930s. Black
velvet is top stitched all around,
has side "straps" of velvet to pin
into place....huge bow in front!
From the "Collegienne Shop". Sz

Uber mod 60s pale pink sisal cloche
style hat with 2 tone pink fabric accent
front to back over top. Very 60s
stewardess chic! No label, no flaws, sz

Spring bouquet 60s bubble hat by
Thomas of Medway. No flaws, sz

60s riding cap style bubble hat with
green velvet bow and brim, bright
florals on crown. From
Famous-Barr, sz 22, no flaws.

Tweedy wool woven 60s bubble hat
with bow, narrow brim and netting.
No flaws. Sz 22.

Ruched persimmon velvet hat with
satin band and fruit "corsage". Sz
22, no flaws.

40s stuctured blue double peaked
headband hat with bows and
veiling. The veiling needs replaced
(leaving for visual cue in case
wearer decides to add new). Would
look superb without as well. No
other flaws.

Late 40s blue felted cocktail hat
with rolled brim and 2 bent tabs
over each side of face adorned with
beads. Veil over face, no flaws. Sz

60s rolled brim bubble hat in felted
fur. Ivory crown with pewter grey
brim. No flaws, sz 22.

Sporty pine green velveteen 30s
hat with deco seaming, fold up
brim split in back. Small size, flaws.

Mr john hat
60s light blue felted wool sculpted
hat with rose on top. No flaws, sz

60s bright pink velvet structured
hat with leaves and fruit, netted
top. No flaws. sz 22

60s black pillbox hat surrounded by
white fabric gardenias. sz 22, no

1960s white rabbit fur tall pillbox
hat with beaded applique and
rhinestone dotted net. A few tears
in netting, leaving to replace or
wear as is. Sz 22.

Bright multicolor flower blossom
topped 60s cap, combs to secure to
hair. No flaws, one size.

Ivory felted fur 60s bucket hat with
green velvet ribbon, glittered silk
rose and foliage. A few pocks in
wool (dents, not stains or
holes)...minimal issue, a gorgeous
hat! Size 21 1/2.

40s hat 40s tilt hat vintage hat
40s tilt hat 40s hat vintage hat
1940s tilt hat of stiffened and sculpted green
cotton gingham, peaked and tipped forward
toward front brim. Bow front and center.
Brown netting, has a few holes but leaving to
either be worn as is or replaced with idea of
how to do it. Loop of fabric goes back to
secure under hair. One size. A superb and
jaunty hat!

40s hat vintage hat
40s natural straw wide brim, short
crown hat with black velvet trim
and band...bright flower trim.
Velvet covered clips inside crown
secure to head. One size, no flaws.

50s hat new look hat dior style hat
50s deep navy blue hat of tightly
woven sisal, softly peaked at
center and edged in velvet ribbon.
Bow in back, buckram and velvet
trimmed clips inside crown secure
to head. Very Dior New Look! One
size, no flaws.

40s hat vintage hat madame le monnier hat
1940s round tan felted wool hat
with rolled under short brim. Each
side adorned with whole bird wing
accents on felted flaps. An
authorized Le Monnier
reproduction. Size 22. No flaws,
theatre label this was used in is
glued inside at top of crown.

40s hat vintage hat
1940s sculpted blue felt "crown"
hat with veiling. Veil pulls up and
ties in back, body of hat is fitted to
head. No flaws, size 22. From
"Phyllis Mae".

sally victor hat sally victor headlines 60s hat jackie kennedy
60s chic white buckskin leather
head kerchief by "Sally Victor
Headlines". Lined in soft brushed
black cotton jersey. Wear tied in
front or back...add glasses and
channel your inner Jackie! One
size, no flaws.

60s hat vintage hat
1960s black cello sun hat. Tall
crown accented with fringed white
ribbon and a big daisy. Stepped
wide brim is black on top, black and
white inside (white closest to face).
No label, no flaws, sz 22.

40s hat vintage hat evelyn varon
40s hat of deep blue sisal with open
crown, turned up narrow brim.
Accented with chenille and silk
bundle of wheat, perfect for fall! By
Evelyn Varon. Size 22. No flaws.

50s hat vintage hat
1950s mini bonnet shaped crochet
hat and drawstring pouch bag.
Salmon pink with silver accents and
beads...hat is made on a headband.
Small size, likely made from a kit.
No flaws.

50s hat vintage hat
Winter white felted 50s clip hat
with wire stems trimmed with
hearts dotted with rhinestones. A
few moth nibbles, not perfect but
very close! One size, no label.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 40s hat
1940s peaked hat with red, blue and
black feathers swirled toward front.
Felted base wrapped with feathers at
front, covered in netting. No flaws.
22 1/2"

Dorothea's closet Vintage hat, 40s hat
1940s sculpted magenta felted wool
hat with leaf design on front. Lower
on right side than left. No flaws, sz
22 1/2

Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 30s hat
Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 30s hat
Dorothea's Closet Vintage hat, 40s hat, vintage turban, 40s turban
1930s Juliette cap in black felted
wool with harlequin sequin design
and small bows all around. One size
sits atop head, could be pinned in if
needed. A few missing sequins, no
holes. No label..

1930s blue velveteen fez shaped hat
with loop on left side trimmed with
white fur pompoms. Size 22, no flaws.

1940s faux fur turban in black with
navy blue knit wool band twisted into
a button at top front. No flaws,
stretch to band allows for size 22 to
22 1/2.

1960s curved, wired iridescent blue sequined cocktail hat wit
beaded tassle on one side, marabou feather across top. Hat had
some glue and missing sequins, feather was added to
conceal...adds even more glamour! One size.