dorothea's closet vintage how to wear vintage clothing
70 coat
70s coat
60s suit dress
70s dress
30s blouse 20s cloche
vintage clothing 20s cloche 30s blouse
fox fur hat 70s suit vintage clothing
vintage fox fur
60s dress
vintage clothing 60s dress
70s sweater
70s sweater
vintage Levi's vintage boots
vintage unicorn vintage tee shirt
vintage pendleton jacket
60s pendleton jacket
vintage yves st laurent 80s blouse
vintage YSL clothing rive gauche
vintage clothing 70s jacket
70s skirt 70s hat
60's cap sleeve
wool top, taken from
a three piece suit
dress and added to
modern jeans, a
60's mohair striped
scarf and 70's fox
fur hat.
60's iridescent silk
jacket from 3 piece
women's suit, mixed
with modern
blouse, tights and
shoes and worn
with 70's plaid skirt
and mink fedora.
70's wool dress with coordinating
scarf, 60's red wool scarf, 60's lion
head pendant & faux fur hat matched
with modern boots.
Bright aqua blue 70's mini trench
coat with faux fur fox trim, mixed
with modern red beret & gloves
and skinny jeans.
Lace 30's blouse with ruffled placket
worn with Schiaparelli inspired 20's
cloche and modern skinny high waist
jeans and heels.
70's apple green skirt with wooden buttons in
sailor pants style with 60's belt and modern tee.
70's fox fur
trimmed suit
dress jacket worn
with skinny jeans
and vintage
necklaces. Top
from same 70's
suit worn with
vintage suit is a
million outfits in
one buy!
60s lime green
houndstooth mini sheath
dress worn over modern
jeans and boots, topped
with charcoal grey 60's
cropped jacket.
70's shimmering metallic flecked
aqua slim fit sweater with 60's fedora
and modern belt, skirt, tights & boots.
60's scarf finishes the look!
70's high waist mohair skirt with 70's
puff sleeve jacket, bright vintage
scarf and modern tee and boots. 70's
fox fur hat adds a funky touch!
60's red plaid Pendleton cropped
jacket from suit dress worn over 80's
velour hoodie and mixed with modern
long tee and leggings.
Fantastic sheer polka dot 80's blouse
from the Rive Gauche collection by
Yves St. Laurent worn over modern
tee & jeans with 60's red vinyl belt.
70's Levi's for Gals pinstriped jeans with vintage suede boots
and 80's unicorn tee worn with modern cap.
vintage clothing novelty print skirt  border print
Piano print 50s skirt shown with
modern-esque 70s red leotard and
worn with modern heels...a great new
twist on the vintage skirt!
70s jacket
60s jacket 60s purse
Modern skinny jeans with 70s
embroidered men's leather jacket
worn over 40s blouse.

60s green silk jacket over 40s
pajama top (worn as blouse),
accented with 60s green rhinestone
brooch and earrings and popped with
tangerine leather bag for contrast.
Worn with modern skinny jeans.
mixing modern clothing &
accessories with vintage is easy!
40s New Look suit jacket sans skirt,
worn with skinny jeans, 80s heels
and 60s Audrey hat
60s sheath dress with band of
ruched satin worn with 60s dyed
shearling hat, mod white belt and 80s
Victorian striped and beaded bodice
with metallic leather 80s belt &
modern skinny jeans
vintage dress vintage gunne sax
Black label 70s Gunne Sax dress with
60s wide brim blue velvet hat and
modern shoes.
60s rose print chiffon dress, 80s belt,
30s velvet cape and 40s hat
20s wedding dress
1920s wedding dress with hat from
my line,
mongolian lamb fur coat 80s coat 30s clothing vintage clothing
80s red mongolian lamb coat over
1930s deco velvet bathing costume
and cap, 1970s platform shoes.
1930s clothing deco velvet 70s shoes
1930s deco velvet bathing costume,
70s platform shoes
1960s dress 1930s blouse 60s suit leopard print
Sky blue 60s suit over 1930s tuxedo
inspired blouse, 1960s leopard
1950s dress vintage dress party dress
1950s dress, 1980s necklace,
modern shoes.
30s dress 1930s dress vintage clothing
1930s cobalt blue silk gown with
beaded sash, 1970s pendant.