edwardian blouse edwardian clothing
edwardian bodice vintage clothing
edwardian bodice, vintage clothing
Sweet white cotton Edwardian
blouse with faggoted insets.
Mother of pearl buttons up back,
seamed at waist, longer section for
wearing tucked in. No flaws. Click
picture for more images.
16" shoulders, 38" bust, 28" waist,
17" long, 16" sleeves

Edwardian pink cotton bodice with
large white rounded collar edged in
lace. A few age spots on cotton
collar, needs some hooks and
eyes....sold as is. Click picture for
more images.
34" bust, 24" waist, 15" long, 18"

Sheer ivory lace and silk
Edwardian bodice with cocoa brown
velvet trim at collar and cuffs,
buttons up the back. Watch for
more images.
32" bust, 22" waist, 14" shoulders,
16" long, 17" sleeves

Cobalt blue Victorian wool jacket.
Double breasted, nipped waist,
weighted silk and velvet black
lapel. Gorgeous, superb
condition....no stains or holes, lining
has been removed.  Click  for more
13" shoulders, 36" bust, 26" waist,
18" long, 25" sleeves

Deep navy blue wool Victorian
bodice with velvet collar and
dramatic full sleeves. As is
condition, has some surface
discolorations, a few small holes
and some hooks/eyes missing.
Great to restore or use as study.
Click picture for more images.
13" shoulders, 36" bust, 30" waist,
16" long, 23" sleeves

Early 1900s blue silk bodice with
leaf lace applique. Watch for more
images. From the SPENCER
collection.  Very tiny, will not hook
on my mannequin...note
measurements. Superb, sturdy
conditions...no stains or holes.
Click picture for more images.
12" shoulders, 32" bust, 24" waist,
16" long, 24" sleeves

Cocoa velvet Victorian jacket with
embroidered lace applique and
cinched waist. Watch for more
13" shoulders, 34" bust, 24" waist,
18" long, 24" sleeves

Burgundy velvet Edwardian bodice
with pin tucks and lace. Muslin
interior with ruffles, hooks and
eyes...manu missing, seam repairs
and lace trim repairs needed. Study
condition. Click for more images.
13" shoulders, 34" bust, 24" waist,
18" long, 24" sleeves

Edwardian blouson bodice in black
silk with lace and pintuck detailing.
Great wearable condition, no stains
or holes. Larger size! More images
to come.
16" shoulders, 50" bust, 38" waist,
16" long, 23" sleeves

Rose red silk Victorian bodice with
embroidered sheer organza ruffled
collar. Puff sleeves, nipped
waist.....fully lined in muslin, boned
all  the way around waist. Hooks up
front with metal hooks and eyes.
Very small size. Very faint darker
red under arms, no holes...a few
tiny holes in silk chiffon collar, very
hard to find. Superb, sturdy
wearable condition. Likely a teen
girl's size.  Click picture for more
30" bust, 22" waist, 19" long, 20"

victorian cape
Black velvet fully lined Victorian
cape with gorgeous black bear fur
trim, stand up collar. Watch for
more images. Best fit size 0-8.

antique coat edwardian coat
Edwardian black velvet coat with
silk soutache braid trim. Best fit
size 0 to 6. Watch for details.

Elegant early 1900s black silk
boned bodice with top stitch detail.
Puff shoulders, boned all around
inside. Needs a little TLC where
boning meets hem inside, solid
condition with no holes or stains on
outer silk. As is.
30" bust, 23" waist, 23" sleeves,
16" long

Winter white cotton Gibson Girl
early 1900s blouse with high collar
and rounded lace upper bodice.
Buttons up back with tiny mother of
pearl buttons. Minor wear, no
stains or holes.
34" bust, 28" waist, 20" long, 26"

Early 1900s pouter pigeon
silhouette white cotton blouse with
loads of lace and pleats. Stand up
collar with serpentine wire
supports. Buttons up back with
mother of pearl buttons. By West
End. A few tiny spots, no holes.
36" bust, 25" waist, 20" long, 24"

Goldenrod lightweight wool
Victorian bodice with velvet trim
and dramatic puff sleeves. Hooks
and eyes down front, velvet trim on
either side clearly featured button
accents where dents are..."bow" at
neck has been altered. Solid
condition needing a little TLC to
dress it back up to glory! Click
picture for more images.
32" bust, 24" waist, 21" long, 24"

edwardian clothing sheer blouse beaded blouse
Deep blue black sheer silk
Edwardian blouse with bright
beaded flower accents front and
back. Unusual sleeve treatment,
snaps at top of shoulder on left, top
stitch detail at neckline. No flaws.
Click picture for more images.
40" bust, 38" waist, 23" long, 24"


Soft ivory sheer silk blouse with
loads of lace and shell buttons.
More details to come.

Off white Edwardian ruffled
nightshirt. A few yellowed spots, no
holes. Measures 42" bust, 44"
waist, 46" hips, 57" long, 22"

Salmon pink cotton early 1900s
skirt with black silk apron style
overlay with bright embroidered
florals. More info to come.
28" waist, 44" hips, 35" long

Soft ivory lawn cotton and lace
Edwardian ascot piece. Can be
pinned onto blouse or hooks and
eyes could be added to attach to a
piece...sold on it's own  to be used
in any way you see fit! A little
yellowing behind top where it tucks
in against neck. 12" long

edwardian jacket vintage jacket
Edwardian era blue wool jacket
with military inspired detailing.
Fold-over collar. Button front,
button accents on pockets...sides
are top stitched vertically at hips,
button accents in back as well.
Lined in a gorgeous floral silk.
Some shattering within sleeves so
lining was removed. No label.
Weights in hem indicate superb
construction. No holes or
stains...more images to come.
36" bust, 38" waist, 40" hips, 31"
long, 20" sleeves

Victorian black and white wool
walking suit, no lining, no labels. No
Dorothea's Closet Vintage gown, edwardian gown, antique dress
Edwardian dotted netting in off white
with violet print silk sash. A few tiny
spots, superb condition. More details
to come.
dress~34" bust, 24" waist, 38" hips,
16" bodice, 56" long
sash~ 22"

Edwardian dress, Dorothea's Closet Vintage dress
Edwardian soft white cotton
embroidered dress. Ruffles on each
side of bodice and cuffs. Tiered skirt.
Some yellowing and spots as shown.
More images to come.
38" bust, 30" waist, 44" hips, 55"
long, 16" bodice

Dorothea's Closet Vintage clothing, edwardian lace
Edwardian lace bodice insert
with peaked collar, milk glass
buttons with gold paint. One

Dorothea's  Closet Vintage, victorian clothing, victorian mantle
Late 1800s black beaded mantle
with layers of beaded fringe.
Hooks and eyes done front
(some have been
replaced)...some missing beads.
Label at back of neck says
"38".  Missing some hooks and
eyes, missing some beads...a few
lighter spots. Imperfect but a
great restoration piece with lots
of life left in it!
36" bust max, 17" long