Titanic era SHEER black vintage Edwardian
dress with BLUE floral embroidery, silver
beading and a silk obi-style sash. Dress was
likely meant to be worn over a solid hobble
style underdress. Back of vintage dress has
wide silk bow turned on its side that snaps
toward upper back and dramatic hanging
tails. Round metal hooks & eyes close up
back. Skirt has two hooks off to sides near
tail of sash, which can be pulled up &
hooked into sash to create a bustled effect
& dramatic shaping to the hips......a
dazzling option!
Fringed beading around bottom, pale pink
roses pinned on at some point in its past are
left for the next owner to wear as is or
remove. Stunning dress in near mint
condition.....looped beads toward right of
bust have come untacked & need a few
stitches to secure, but the beads are intact.
No tears, stains, holes....silk solid, netting
soft & slightly stretchy. Great size as well!
A rare piece for a serious collector.....a sure
hit on the red carpet! Click picture for
detail shots & measurements.                      
Elegant vintage Edwardian dress of silk
and gilded lace in deep violet and ecru.
Butterfly wing effect at bust above purple
silk sash, gold metallic thread woven
throughout applique and underlayer.
Bodice of sheer ecru lace with sculpted
stand up collar topped in purple and gold
trim, three quarter sleeves edged in wide
ruffle.. Over skirt of netting has pouf
around hips, falling gently to just above
hemline of silk underskirt. Hooks up back
with metal hooks and eyes inside and out.

Condition of this vintage dress is
wonderful. The bodice had been lined in
soft ivory tissue silk that had shattered
and has been removed, lace intact with no
holes. Some lace at collar is loose, one
spot under left arm, a repaired hole to
netting on left hip, tiny hole in silk
underskirt.....solid and superb condition
for its age. Watch for more details.

34" bust, 28" waist, 40" hips, 17"
sleeves, 14" bodice, 52" long

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Iconic "Gibson Girl" silhouette
white cotton and lace dress. From
THEATRE. Opening in back has
had a zipper added (all white,
barely noticeable but not period
correct). No stains, solid wearable
condition. Click picture for more
40" bust, 30" waist, 55" hips, 20"
bodice, 20" sleeves, 56" long

Blue silk dress from 1913
(according to note from family
naming this the dress worn by a
woman for her 1913 Baccalareate
Services). From the SPENCER
has large hole toward left hip and
some weakness under arms....great
for display or study, perhaps
restoration. Click picture for more
32" bust, 23" waist, 38" hips, 15"
bodice, 8" sleeves, 51" long

Edwardian dress
Divine soft white cotton and silk
embroidered Edwardian dress with
blue accents. From the SPENCER
faint fade to blue at ends of
sleeves, all embroidery intact, no
stains or holes....an amazing dress!
Click picture for more images.
36" bust, 26" waist, 42" hips, 14"
bodice, 15" sleeves, 51" long

Soutache trimmed sheer Edwardian
mantle with side button detail &
fringe. Silk braid around edges,
sheer horsehair type backing with
all over soutache design. Side is
open with straps featuring large
buttons. Silk fringe around edges at
sleeves and hem. A few pieces of
fringe missing, no holes or
stains.....buttons on sides intact,
soutache intact. 40" long, best fit
small to medium. Click picture for
more images.

edwardian dress
Regal sheer crepe silk persimmon
coloured Edwardian dress with
beaded and faggoted bodice and
cut out detail down upper sleeve
seams. Blouson bodice with rows of
pewter tone  beads staggered with
openwork bands of faggoting,
bodice is lined (sleeves and skirt
are not). A smaller band of beading
around hemline. A faint shadow line
across back of shoulders as shown
(click picture for more images). A
few beads missing, no holes or
shattering....clean with no spots
aside from aforementioned.
36" bust, 32" waist, 42" hips, 17"
bodice, 9" sleeves, 46" long

edwardian wedding dress
Edwardian sheer silk chiffon
embroidered wedding dress.
Sheer overdress has double
ruffled collar and cuffs, decorated
in braided silk soutache. Center
of bodice has pintucks details,
soutache florettes boast faux
pearl bead centers. Silk sash at
waist hooks in back with hooks
and eyes at abstract bow. Dress
appears to have been restored or
modified, with a reinforced
waistband behind waist seam that
hooks into silk sash across front
and down right side of front of
skirt. Overskirt is asymetrical at
hem...dress is lined in
coordinating invory silk under
skirt but sheer at bodice. Very
faint underarm yellowing, no
shattering, no other issues at all.
Click picture for more images.
38" bust, 28" waist, 41" hips, 15"
bodice, 21" sleeves, 45" long

vintage wedding gown wedding dress
victorian dress victorian clothing
Elegant black and purple embroidered
silk Victorian 2 pc dress with velvet
vertical bands flanking purple silk
inserts. Original black jet buttons and
beading on the collar. Bodice has silk
velvet insets under arms to waist, may
not be original but does not affect how
the bodice hangs...hard to say. Skirt
hooks with hooks and eyes at waist,
bodice has lining with closures up front,
buttons decorative only. Some wear and
slight shattering to purple silk vertical
bands, overall sounds and sturdy, quite
wearable! Click picture for more images.
Top~ 14" shoulders, 40" bust, 30"
waist, 16" long, 24" sleeves
Skirt~ 32" waist, 29" hips, 41" long

Edwardian black silk dress with
military inspired buttons on bodice,
ruffled lace insert. Ruched at
shoulders, waist sash hooks into
place around inside and down hip,
lace insert hooks in with hooks and
eyes as well. A set of holes toward
hem on right side, as shown...some
hooks and eyes missing. No stains
or other issues. Click picture for
more images.
38" bust, 28" waist, 48" hips, 16"
bodice, 22" sleeves, 51" long

edwardian dress vintage dress vintage clothing
Black cotton and lace Edwardian
dress with metallic gold lace
edging.  Lace collar is a shawl style
with knotted effect in front and
back, golden metallic thread around
edges and at collar. A few tiny tiny
holes in textile of skirt, solid and
wearable with no stains or other
issues. Hooks and eyes around side
and up back. Click picture for more
36" bust, 26" waist, 44" hips, 16"
bodice, 16" sleeves, 51" long

victorian bodice jet beading
Gorgeous silk striped Victorian bodice
with jet beaded lace detailing. Heavily
beaded around lace pieces, military
inspired epaulets at tops of puff
shoulders front and back. Silk twill in
phenomenal shape, a few pulls on right
wrist, no shattering and underarms
perfect! Hooks down front w/ metal
hooks & eyes (some have been
replaced). Very small, will not button on
mannequin. Gorgeous wearable
condition piece! Click picture for more
34" bust, 22" waist, 15" long, 24"

victorian clothing victorian coat
Black crushed velvet Victorian full
length coat with leg-o-mutton
sleeves. Scarf tie collar, button and
loop beneath. Seamed down back
to follow waist & hips. Lined in
ivory satin, some shattering....could
be reinforced in places or removed
and replaced. No stains or holes in
velvet, no label. Click picture for
more images.
15" shoulders, 36" bust, 24-28"
waist, 40" hips, 57" long, 23"

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edwardian dress beaded dress
Cornflower blue sheer silk chiffon
Edwardian dress with pink and blue
beaded floral motif, pink silk
bodice liner. Ribbon trim at waist
and neckline, may have had a
collar or insert. Snaps & hooks and
eyes around waist and side of skirt.
A few tiny holes as shown, ivory
silk above pink silk beneath blue
should be replaced (or removed
and straps added to hold up the
pink silk), pink is fine.., no
stains....amazing wearable
condition with a bit of work. Click
picture for more images.
34" bust, 26" waist, 15" shoulders,
38" hips, 20" sleeves, 15" bodice,
49" long

edwardian dress gibson girl
Edwardian cotton lawn Gibson Girl
style dress win white with button
and embroidered detail. Hooks and
eyes at wide of waist, hidden
buttons behind collar up side of
bodice. A few age spots on left side
of bodice, no holes. Superb,
wearable condition! Click picture
for more images.
15" shoulders, 36" bust, 24" waist,
44" hips, 15" bodice, 20" sleeves,
50" long

Deep blue wool Edwardian walking
jacket with soutache trim and
salmon embroidery. Buttons down
front, beaded detail on collar. Sash
at waist with tassled fobs at ends.  
Sash is missing one of the long
tassles, silk lining under sleeve
overlay removed (was shattered).
No holes, all buttons
intact....superb wearable condition!
Baste stitch at hem. No lining, no
labels. Click picture for more
37" bust, 32" waist, 40" hips, 26"
long, 23" sleeves

victorian cape victorian clothing
Stunning black velvet Victorian
cape with glass beaded soutache
detailing front and back. Lined in
silk twill with velvet bound inner
pocket. Large hooks and eyes
close up front and collar. No labels.
Borderline mint condition....minor
wear at edges of collar (as
shown)....beads all intact, secure
and reinforced.....perfectly
wearable! An iconic piece for the
collector and a fantastic statement
piece for the vintage wardrobe.
Click picture for more images.
15" shoulders, 80" around hem,
20" long

Late 1800s bustle skirt and bodice
with military inspired details.
Goldetone metal buttons down
front with mesh center dotted with
stars, braided soutache cording.
Pleats in back of skirt for bustle,
back of bodice has pair of peaks at
center hem to lay on bustle. One
hole on right side of bodice as
shown, superb condition
otherwise....all buttons intact! Click
picture for more images.
Bodice...11" shoulders, 30" bust,
24" waist, 15" long, 22" sleeves
Skirt~ 26" waist, 48" hips, 39" long

Deep navy blue wool twill Edwardian cape
with silk fringed tassles at scarf collar ends,
button at throat and slits at sides for arms.
Fully lined in a gorgeous blue and white
polka dot silk. Hem is done in a zig-zag style.
46" long. One tiny hole in back on wool (not
noticeable due to lining), some wear to silk
fringe. From the SPENCER COMMUNITY
THEATRE collection. Click picture for more

Edwardian silk faille cropped
jacket with huge ties on front
(shown in a bow, can be left long)
and long, flared sleeves. Jet black
(lightened to show detail). Bodice
lined in a gorgeous reptilian look
silk. No label, no holes or
stains....sturdy and wearable. A
great layering piece! Watch for
more images.
34" bust, 28" waist, 17" long, 26"

Divine black silk Victorian mantle
with floral embroidery. Lined in
blood red silk, collar stands up with
stays and has black roses
embroidered within...hooks and
eyes down center, when opened
reveal more black roses
embroidered along inside.
Crocheted all around with black
silk, long fringe trims hem. A
stunning piece in flawless condition.
Click picture for more images
(some lightened to show details)
15" shoulders, 34-36" bust, 33"

Black velvet Victorian cape with
fur trim, soutache and beading.
Hooks and eyes close up throat,
lined in black silk twill. Minor wear
to fur, no stains, no holes....superb,
wearable condition. Looks fantastic
over a cocktail dress or worn mixed
with layers and denim. Sz XS to M
best fit.

Deep wine velvet Victorian bodice
with fringe of chenille trimmed with
metal faceted beads. Buttons up
front (shown open on mannequin,
too small to close). Mantle style
sleeves set into sides. Some
missing chenille strands, some
missing beads, one missing button.
No stains, solid condition. Click
picture for more images.
30" bust, 22" waist, 26" long at
longest points.

Late teens ivory wool jacket with
velvet accents and nouveau iris
embroidered soutache design up
front and center of back. Peaked
cuffs on mid-arm length sleeves,
hooks and eyes down front. Silk
lining within cuffs has been
removed due to age...a few tiny
spots toward bottom on left side.
Click picture for more images.
38" bust, 40" waist, 44" hips, 27"
long, 18" sleeves

Deep blue wool Edwardian jacket
with double mother of pearl buttons
up front and at lapel. Mini self
button detailing down sides and
back, pleated at hips and center of
back hem. Missing a few small
buttons, 2 tiny holes within pleats
at right hip, overall consistent fade
from age. Sturdy and wearable, a
divine design! More images to
38" bust, 32" waist, 42" hips, 28"
long, 23" sleeves

Absinthe green heavy velvet 2
piece Victorian era dress with
asymetrical buttons up front, silk
pleated bustle back skirt and long
tails over bustle from top in back.
No holes or stains, superb
condition. Click picture for more
Bodice~ 32" bust, 24" waist, 17"
long, 20" sleeves
Skirt~24" waist, 42" hips

Victorian weighted black silk
jacket with soutache collar, puff
shoulders and pleated back bustle
peplum. Sash has been added
recently, of black faille. More
details to come.
40" bust, 30" waist, 44" hips, 23"

Mid 1800s mens waistcoat of silk
with raised velvet pile foliage motif,
notched shawl collar. Carved shell
buttons, leather trim at front
bottom...back has been split and
enlarged with a piece of flour sack
at some point in time. Some wear to
inside of collar at nape of neck.
More images to come.
40" across chest, 32" waist, 22"

Dorothea's Closet Vintage clothing, victorian mantle, beaded mantle
Victorian mesh beaded mantle with
silk panels and collar. Hooks down
front, fringed at bottom. Measures
16-17" shoulder, 30-34" bust...17"
long.  Some holes in the beaded
netting, silk fraying at collar, hooks
and eyes loose....has a matching
"belt" as well. Wearable with a little
TLC and gentle use.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage dress, Edwardian dress
Edwardian ivory netting dress with
silk inset at bodice and silk ribbons
at waist. Lace trim. Bodice has hook
and eye closure panel over another
within decorated with silk covered
tiny buttons. Tiered skirt with lace
trim, lace collar. No label. A few
small spots (as shown), ribbon
streamers missing on right side.
Sturdy and wearable condition. More
images to come.
36" bust, 30" waist, 40" hips, 15"
bodice, 47" long

Dorothea's Closet Vintage dress, Edwardian dress, vintage clothing
Edwardian dress of sheer lawn
cotton in soft white. Embroidered
detail at bust, cuffs and hem. Hooks
and eyes up back and at waist. A few
spots as shown, sturdy and wearable.
38" bust, 28" waist, 42" hips, 15"
bodice, 55" long

Dorothea's Closet Vintage dress, edwardian dress, silk dress, Warner Kansas City
Late teens winter white and black gauzy
silk dress with pastoral scenery print.
Slightly dropped waist, bodice trimmed in
netting and grosgrain ribbon with netting
inset...snaps left of waist and up left side
behind netting collar. Sleeves are peaked
and slit to elbow, lined with ruffled
netting...skirt is trimmed in more grosgrain
ribbon. Dress is fully lined in lightweight
silk, has "Warner Kansas City Mo" label
inside waist seam. Very teeny spot on left
side of bodice at bottom of the netting
collar, no other flaws at all...no holes, no
weakness to the silk...absolute perfection,
sturdy and wearable. Click picture for
more images.
36" bust, 30" waist, 42" hips, 45" long

Dorothea's Closet Vintage dress, edwardian dress, arts and crafts dress
Late teens to early 20s tan weighted
silk dress with high waist
embroidered with an Arts & Crafts
inspired design. Insert sewn into
shallow V neck topped with lace
collar, may not be original. Side hook
and eye closure on dress and sash.
More details to come.
Dorothea's Closet Vintage clothing, victorian clothing
Victorian bodice of bold bottle green
silk with abstract design, jet beading
at neckline and back. Hooks up side
with hooks and eyes, boned all
around. Stand up collar. Small tear
near inside hook at shoulder, not
seen when worn. Boned all around,
lined in muslin. Superb solid
condition. More images to come.
35" bust, 24" waist, 16" long, 22"

Dorothea's Closet Vintage clothing victorian clothing
Deep blue velvet Victorian jacket
with bow in back, button front and
stand up collar. Tiny silvertone metal
filgree buttons up front (several
missing), velvet bow at small of
back. Fringe and tassel at top of slit
at right side of back, black lace down
the other (likely added later). Some
wear to underarms, wear at top of
collar, buttonholes need reinforced.
Solid condition with need of TLC.
Click picture for more images.
15" shoulders, 32" bust, 24" waist,
41" long, 23" sleeves.