50s coat polka dot coat
From the SPENCER
collection. A mohair/wool blend
swing cut clutch coat from the 50s
in charcoal grey with white polka
dot print. Matching suit jacket
lined in red gabardine!
vintage coats
vintage leopard print coat
Red wool hip length swing cut 60s
coat in cherry red with faux fur
leopard print flared collar. Military
style gold buttons down front, lined
in red acetate. Hand made with
a pattern inside. Tears under arms
in lining have been repaired, no
visible when worn. No stains or
holes. Click picture for more
40" bust, 42" waist, 50"  hips, 22"
sleeves, 31" long

vintage fox fur
Stunning and dramatic stole of
genuine fox tails from the 80s. By
DENA of New York. Tails hang
around bottom from a pelted
bodice, structured similar to a vest.
Hooks with furrier chain snaps in
front in 2 places, sides are open
with 2 black leather skinny straps
to hold front to back. Tails hang
individually to create movement
when walking.....an over the top,
incredible look worn with a simple
black dress or skinny slacks and
turtle neck. Flawless condition.
Click picture for more images. 33"
long, best fit for S-L.

20s coat flapper coat
Black velveteen 20s coat with deco
top stitch detailing, fantastic button
and blonde mink collar. The perfect
flapper evening coat! Some wear to
silk lining at back of neck as
shown. Click picture for more
16" shoulders, 42" bust, 46" waist,
50" hips, 42" sleeves, 20" long

vintage cape 40s cape
Stunning late 30s-early 40s wool
cape with divine embroidered
border detail. Heavily embroidered
down placket, around hemline and
in center of back with a paisley and
floral motif, likely from Kashmir.
Lined in rayon, no labels. Hooks
and eyes in front. Repairs made to
arm slits, see pictures. Click for
more images! No holes, all
embroidery intact.
16" shoulders, 38" long

40s coat vintage swing coat beaded coat dolores of california
40s swing coat with breathtaking
pastel glass beaded detail set into
soutache trim. Soutache applied
design has glass beads in rose
pink, soft blue and amber worked
into empty spaces. Coat of buff
colored crepe wool. Notched collar
and cuffs. Fully lined in silk, by
"Dolores of California". One small
dot on sleeve, some beads missing
on one shoulder as shown. Click
picture for more images.
17" shoulders, 25" sleeves, bust
36-42",  waist 28-48", hips 40-50"
(fits a range from modern medium
to XL comfortably!)

20s coat
Zelda Fitzgerald flapper glamour!
Velvet 20s coat with real fur trim.
Closure is a loop of velvet that
slips over snout of the head of the
pelt. Classic 20s!  Click picture for
more images.
Lined in silk. Superb condition with
a little wear to edge of fur toward
closure at dropped waist.
36" bust, 34" waist, 40" hips, 15"
shoulders, 39" long, 24" sleeves

edwardian coat edwardian clothing vintage coat
Chic Edwardian coat with Dr.
Zhivago Russian princess style.
High velvet collar and lots of
button detail. Click picture for
more images. Stand up collar folds
over to button into opposite side,
same black buttons down sleeves
and side vents toward back of coat.
A gorgeous frock! Minimal wear to
seams at armholes within, lined in
silk. From the SPENCER
38" bust, 36" waist, 44" hips, 23"
sleeves, 44" long

thierry mugler style jacket 80s jacket suede jacket
Fantastic, sculptural 80s genuine
suede jacket in bold hot pink and
deep purple. Waist buttons with
loop over goltone metal button,
cinched in with seam at waist in
back. No flaws. Labeled
"Outerwear by PHEONIX", size
small. Very Thierry Mugler
inspired! Click picture for more
38" bust, 28" waist, 22" long, 23"

40s coat vintage coat new look coat princess seams
Truly fantastic soft grey wool 40s
New Look coat with princess
seaming, dramatic peaked sleeves
with exagerrated cuffs and maroon
details. Goldtone metal rimmed
buttons with soft pink plastic
centers run up decorative placent,
hiding a heavy metal zipper
neckline to hem. Snaps at neckline
to secure. Some wear to back of
neck at striped fabric as shown, no
stains or holes. Gorgeous wearable
condition.  From the SPENCER
image for more pictures.
38" bust, 32" waist, 46" hips, 23"
sleeves, 45" long

Leopard print suede 70s trench
coat with huge fur collar. Watch for
more images.
40" bust, 34" waist, 44" hips, 23"
sleeves, 47" long

60s coat velvet coat beaded coat
Black velvet 60s evening coat by
Count Romi with beaded umbrella
designs in black and silver on collar
and center of shoulders in back.
Fully lined, buttons at throat. No
flaws, Click picture for more
40" bust, 44" waist, 46" hips, 44"
long, 23" sleeves

60s coat vintage coat carpet coat
Garnet red and ebony black heavy
carved velvet "carpet coat" from
the 1960s. Evening or cocktail
style, perfect for over a little black
dress (but just as fab dressed
down!). Sides slit to hip, wide bell
sleeves, no closure. Lined in red
matte acetate. No label, no flaws.
Click picture for more images. Size
M to XL best fit.

Gorgeous jet black wool coat from
the 1940s with bead and soutache
detail (picture lightened to show
details, is true black in real life).
Wide pleated shoulders, fully lined
in silk. From Marshall Field and
Co....a great larger size! From the
THEATRE collection. Click picture
for more images.
50" bust, 58" waist, 64" hips, 38"
long, 24" sleeves

Bohemian chic purple and curry
Persian design silk coat from the
1970s by Joan Leslie for Kasper
(likely part of a set). Topaz hued
rhinestone buttons to knee, open to
hem. Fully lined. No flaws. Click
picture for more images.
36" bust, 27" waist, 42" hips, 43"

Rose pink and mint green
horizontal striped ssilk pring coat
from the 1960s. Chunky mod pink
buttons, fully lined. No flaws. Click
picture for more images.
40" bust, 42" waist, 44" hips, 40"
long, 20" sleeves

Chic red suede and black leather
mod 60s coat. Body of cherry red
suede with black leather collar,
stripe and hem...self buttons, fully
lined. Size 6/8. Flawless.

50s aqua blue linen weave rayon
evening coat (likely part of an
ensemble, dress long gone).
Soutache, studs and rhinestones
adorn bodice toward stand up
necline, more trimming hip pockets.
Wide cuffs, shoulder pads...no
closure (clutch style). No label, no
flaws. More images to come.
17" shoulders, 42" bust, 44" waist,
46" hips, 42" long, 18" sleeves

Bright cherry red wool 1940s coat
with a sweet folkloric vibe.
Trimmed in a fern green, floral
embroidery at angled buttons.
Lined in a darling hopsack cotton in
red and white whimsical print of
people and angels with a folkloric
theme. No flaws. Click picture for
more images.
42" bust, 44" waist, 46" hips, 37"
long, 22" sleeves

Late 60s cognac leather jacket with
wide, curving lapel. Loads of snaps
down the front, half sash buckles in
back to nip waist. Click picture for
more images.
17" shoulders, 40" bust, 32" waist,
42" hips, 23" sleeeves, 30"  long

40s cape vintage cape
1940s dramatic black wide ribbed
faille cape with scarf collar. Double
breasted buttons down front, slits
for arms. Fully lined, missing label,
no flaws.
17" shoulders, 34-38" bust, 24-32"
waist, free hips, 42" long

60s coat vintage coat
Metallic gold 60s cocktail coat with
mink trim. No label, no flaws.
Clutch style with no closure.
Perfect for a cool night over a little
vintage dress! More images to
17" shoulders, 40" bust, 44" waist,
46" hips, 17" sleeves

40s cape leopard cape
Jet black 40s cape of sheared
black coney with leopard stenciled
fur "bow" at neckline. Size
small/medium. No flaws. Hook and
eye at neckline. 18" long

vintage coat lilli ann coat vintage lilli ann
Lilli Ann 1950s black boucle wool
princess seamed coat with stand up
velvet ring collar. Covered buttons
down front with snaps between to
secure, deeply pleated up side to
hips to create fullness in skirt. Slits
at sleeve cuffs. Lined in black
acetate rayon. Flawless condition.
Click picture for more images.
38" bust, 31" waist, 46" hips, 44"
long, 23" sleeves

Dorothea's Closet Vintage coat, mod coat, red coat
Tomato red wool mod 60s coat with
soft white domed plastic buttons,
rounded notched lapel, hips pockets.
Bracelet length sleeves. No flaws.
More images to come.
17" shoulders, 38" bust, 32" waist,
40" hips, 39" long

Dorothea's Closet Vintage coat, bonnie cashin coat
1960s red poplin Bonnie Cashin coat
with tan accents. Signature toggle
closures. No flaws, appears never
40" bust, 40" waist, 44" hips, 42"

Dorothea's Closet Vintage coat, 70s coat, vintage clothing
Terracotta tweed striped wool 70s
coat. Double breasted closure, wide
belt. Wide notched collar. No flaws.
40" bust, 32" waist, 44" hips, 43"
More details to come.

Dorothea's Closet Vintage coat, vintage clothing, 40s coat
1940s pink and grey striped wool car
coat with flared collar and one
button. Has a few moth holes (as
shown), solid condition with lining
intact. Super cute!
38" bust, 42" waist, 44" hips, 25"
long, 24" sleeves

Dorothea's Closet Vintage clothing, 50s jacket
1950s royal purple boucle wool
jacket with rounded collar, slit
pockets. Lined in acetate. No label,
no flaws...gorgeous color!
38" bust, 32" waist, 23" long, 23"

Dorohea's Closet Vintage clothing, vintage coat, bataldi coat, mohair coat
Absolutely smashing 1960s warm
ivory mohair cocktail coat loaded
with different sizes and shapes of
prong-set rhinestones! Notched
round collar, 2 fabric covered large
snaps close inside beneath the collar.
Rhinestones front and back! Lined in
silk, mid-forearm length sleeves. By
Bataldi. No flaws, click picture for
more images.
40" bust, 44" waist, 46" hips, 20"
sleeves, 40" long

Dorothea's closet Vintage clothing, vintage coat, 70s coat, 70s jacket
1970s leather tabard jacket in
cognac brown. Button front, buttons
at each side beneath open
sleeves....large pockets, peaked
collar. No flaws.
38" buts, 38" waist, open hips, 27"