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our vintage clothing selections....find yourself a vintage dress, vintage gowns, vintage
coats, vintage shoes, vintage hat, vintage handbag or vintage lingerie! Make a statement
in an Edwardian dress, 20's dress, 30's dress, 40's dress, 50's dress, 60s or 70's dress.
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You don't have to
know a bustle skirt
from a bell bottom to
work vintage clothing
into a modern
wardrobe. All you have
to have is an
appreciation for great
design and a desire to
dress like an
individual! Click Emily
to the right and check
out our suggestions on
ways to mix vintage
with modern!
dorothea's closet vintage clothing
Direct from the runways of the
past....designer vintage! Why
wear the newest thing everyone
else can have when you can
rock designer pieces no one else
will have? This Halston painted
silk early 70s caftan gown and
jersey underdress give you the
modern look of the moment with
a unique, one of a kind look (by
an amazing, coveted designer!).
Click picture to get to the Halston
gown and look to Dorothea's for
pieces by Dior, Lilli Ann, Karl
Lagerfeld, Ceil Chapman, Mollie
Parnis, Adele Simpson, Chloe,
Anne Klein, Nettie Rosenstein,
Ben Reig, Omar Kiam, Anne
Fogarty, Claire McCardell, Liz
Claiborne, Betsy Johnson,
Malcolm Starr, Dior, Yves St
Laurent, Pucci, Paganne, Calvin
Klein, Giorgio Sant d'Angelo &
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